Creating Custom API Digester To Compliment SugarCRM

Who They Are

Green Star Exteriors is a Philadelphia based company providing and installing superior vinyl replacement windows, roofing, siding and doors. GSE needed to move away from their existing CRM platform and into SugarCRM. To meet their complex needs, simple and straight forward solutions were created - including custom API Development.


  • Help move GSE's operational work flows, call queues, and existing data into SugarCRM.
  • Replace existing logic that allows for multiple e-lead vendors to pass new Lead data into SugarCRM.
  • Work with existing e-lead vendors to use the new API Digester for transmitting Lead data.
  • Some vendor data lacked native logic to meet the requirements of GSE. Additional API endpoints and engineering would be required to validate vendor's existing implementation.


  • As a SugarCRM Partner, EFS Networks made it possible to provide a turn-key solution for a new CRM.
  • EFS Networks built a custom API that acts as a man-in-the-middle, or an "API Digester", to parse incoming Lead data and to create new Leads and Opportunities within SugarCRM.
  • EFS Networks helped hold the vendor's hand as incoming Lead data was to be passed using the new API Digester endpoints.
  • Additional API Digester endpoints were engineered, and additional configuration set up on client server, to meet work flow logic that was simply missing in some third party vendors. EFS Networks created custom solutions to make everyone happy.
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The Results

EFS Networks not only completed the journey of moving Green Star Exteriors from an existing legacy CRM into the latest SugarCRM stand alone instance, but also created a custom API with multiple endpoints to handle legacy work flow Lead importing into SugarCRM in real time. In addition, extra architecture and ongoing data management via our API was created to handle custom third party API's lack of needs to fill requirements for the new SugarCRM instance.