IT Infrastructure is the circulatory system that feeds the heart of your business and allows progress to flow. EFS is an all-in-one solution for your IT Infrastructure needs, ushering your vision from inception to perfection. No matter what stage your project is in currently, and no matter how far you need to go, EFS has the skills to take it to the finish line. For over 13 years, our clients have trusted us to take the reigns through the entire process of getting their IT infrastructure up and running with exceptional ease, allowing them to sit back and enjoy watching their business come to life through each progressing stage.

Before you’ve even broken ground on a location for your business, EFS will be there to plant the seeds for a long-term business relationship and help your budding business bloom into the success it’s meant to be. The process begins by consulting with you about your needs, your budget, and desired timeline. When we have gathered as much salient information as possible, we will take all the guess work out of the specifics of your infrastructure layout by formulating a comprehensive proposal detailing how we can accomplish the requirements demanded by your business operations.

When you’re ready to build, our trusted Low-Voltage Cad Designer will come on location to consult with your architect and building team, taking into consideration floor plans, device counts, and all other calculations and specifications. The Designer will make Riser Diagrams, prepare submittal documents accurately and in a timely manner, distribute shop drawings and close-out documents to different departments and clients, and submit plans to or from the city, job site, or client’s office as necessary. Not only will EFS be an active participant in the project, we will also be there to manage the project and make sure that everyone and everything is staying true to the course, on-time and within budget. Of course, there is a sea of unknown variables and moving parts to keep track of that come into play with new infrastructure, and you can rest easy knowing that EFS will be there to navigate you to triumph.

Cable Installation and Detailed, Clear Documentation

Any electrician can pull wire, but not every electrician will have a specialty low-voltage skillset and an intimate knowledge of your ultimate design and its end systems configuration. Instead of leaving behind a tangled mess of wires that can haunt your business operations in perpetuity, our licensed master electricians study the design and objectives of your wiring scheme and lay out the materials with precise organization. Our dedication to quality includes utilizing special tools for testing and certifying cables that in turn convey a full 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, guaranteeing that the project was completed to the manufacturer’s standard.

Everything is concisely labeled and documented so that each specific wire is identified and cataloged in a clear and easy-to-read way, so that 10 years from now when your business needs to reorganize to accommodate its growth, no one will ever have to guess which wire came from where. EFS knows that organization and documentation is paramount for continued achievement in the business world, and we emphatically incorporate that knowledge into every aspect of your project.

EFS installs cable for the entire spectrum of end systems, including but not limited to:

  • Data Systems
  • Audio/ Video Systems
  • Voice Over IPs
  • Security Systems
  • Access Control
  • Cell Phone Boosters
  • Wireless Networks

Now that your efficient and organized cabling design has been installed, EFS will take you to the finish line by implementing and then integrating your end systems by connecting them through networks. Below we highlight some of the end systems we specialize in and further expand on network integration.


EFS Networks has provided audio and video systems to some of the most prominent hospitality and entertainment facilities in our region. We offer the kind of technological infrastructure that brings your organization into the 21st century, from simple video presentations to crystal-clear audio equipment to sophisticated touch-screen or IP based control systems. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive implementation of services such as:

  • Audio and video teleconferencing, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Boardroom, presentation room, and training room displays and controls
  • Distributed audio speaker systems
  • Digital signage/HDTV display design
  • Automated lighting and system control

Physical Security and Video Surveillance Systems

Security means more than protecting your electronic networks and systems; your physical infrastructure – hardware and facilities – can be vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Our security systems allow you to control and monitor physical access to your organization, data center, or other sensitive spaces. We design and install the ideal security for your organization, including surveillance and intrusion detection solutions, such as:

  • IP high-def video security cameras
  • Video motion detection
  • Customized control stations
  • Secure and tamper-proof installations
  • Access control

Network Integration: Wired and Wireless Networks

You need a high-performing, reliable network that your team can always rely on to keep them connected. EFS provides the most state-of-the-art wireless networks and Local Area Networks (LANs), combining the mobility of wireless with the performance of your wired infrastructure. Whether you need access points, routers and networking switches, or circuit connectivity for maximum WAN performance, EFS knows how to get your network communicating seamlessly.

Our wired and wireless network solutions provide your team with the high-quality, secure coverage they need to stay productive and sane in the hectic day-to-day bedlam of business operations.

Long after your infrastructure is in place, we keep up with you to make sure your business is working at the speed of light and staying connected and competitive. Whether your system was installed by us or by another company, we will perform regular diagnostics and system maintenance, and handle all necessary upgrades, patches, and hardware maintenance to maximize your system’s performance, deal with vulnerabilities, and extend the life of your cabling infrastructure.

By now you realize that EFS isn’t just another contractor here to do a job and clock out – we are a strategic partner that will listen to your needs, advise you on the best way to accomplish everything your business requires, and take your projects to a successful completion time and time again.

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