Leveraging The Power of Python To Help What A Good Dog

Who They Are

What A Good Dog has helped tens of thousands of dogs and their families achieve better, more rewarding relationships. Whether your dog is joining us for a lesson, staying for the day, or boarding overnight, WAGD will work with your dog and you to create the best experience for your pet. WAGD supports these experiences with their staff of breeders, trainers, veterinary technicians, animal behavior specialists, canine advocates and dog lovers.
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  • Create a reporting application that extends the existing kennel software.
  • The client needed the ability to quickly generate reports on kennel data with functionality for collecting staff feedback on each line item.
  • Each report needed to be individually searchable for easy entry.
  • Easy export of data to excel for record-keeping and communication purposes.


  • Utilized the Django framework for Python to create a dynamic reporting system on external data.
  • Each user-generated report dynamically generates RESTful API endpoints with self-describing documentation for future integrations.
  • Resulting project has turned into the basis for a database-agnostic reporting solution for any dataset.
  • Implementation ensured security & integrity of kennel data during production usage.
  • The client now has supporting architecture and an API for future integration with their kennel software.
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Case study image
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The Results

We developed the necessary supporting architecture for improving the functionality of What a Good Dog's technical operations for years to come. Requests for visualizations of kennel data or further kennel software integrations will now take significantly less time to develop. Many feature requests can now be done without support by the client thanks to this reporting application. As this product continues to be built upon, this reporting software can become a platform for multiple clients to harness the power of their existing data to support their business needs.