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Services Rendered: Software Development

Kynectiv™ is a leading provider of simulation-based technology to global audiences. Their platforms enable clients to transform their training programs, offering increased engagement, stronger retention and comprehensive data collection that leads to actionable insights.

EFS Networks is proud to be a trusted partner with Kynectiv for more than three years. Our first step in serving our client was to acquire ownership of the legacy system from Kynectiv’s former software vendor. Once in the driver seat, EFS managed and hosted this system while building out a new modernized platform from ground up

We developed the organization’s software infrastructure, specifically its decision-based simulation platform, complete with a completely revamped, modernized front-end interface for mobile, tablet, and web. This learning system includes complex integrations with third party vendors and clients and is used by academia, medical schools, major pharmaceutical companies, as well as the Veterans Administration.

“The team at EFS Networks was an excellent fit for our backend rewrite and infrastructure migration projects. They came in, taking over a complex situation, understanding business requirements, redefining the software development process and dealing with multiple work channels simultaneously. We then went on to tackle the frontend where they provided a smart, pragmatic approach along with solid, current technical expertise – consistently a pleasure to work with.”

Rene Smith, COO Kynectiv

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