wpAdvertisement – Custom WordPress plugin

The EFS Networks wpAdvertisement plugin is a custom developed addition to a client’s WordPress website. It allows the ability to create unlimited ads with the ability to show any advertisement on the frontend via any registered Widget area in your theme. Ads can be set to “frozen” or “published” depending on the visibility you want for a created advertisement. User can show an advertisement either from a Widget, or by manually copying and pasting the created shortcode anywhere in their theme. Advertisements can be categorized into “types” for help of grouping similar ad sizes together for easy management. The user can type in full urls to allow for UTM tracking.


Plugin Title: wpAdvertisement

Author: Zachary Smith

Latest Stable Version: 1.0.23

Latest Tested WordPress Version: 5.0.0

PHP Version: >7.1.0


Video Example

The below is a video showing you the basic steps of creating an advertisement, adding a new widget to your widget areas in your theme, and selecting the Advertisement for a particular widget. There is no audio in this video.



Q: Why is my advertisement not showing in the Widget dropdown?

A: The widget dropdown only shows advertisements that are set to status of “published”. Any advertisement with a status of “frozen” will not be visible to the frontend or show in a Widget or Shortcode.


Q: Will this work with latest release of Gutenberg?

A: The plugin works with the updated backend layout of Gutenberg, due to not relying on metaboxes to show admin functionality in the admin screens. Works fine with Widgets as well. Latest tested WP version with Gutenberg is 5.0.3


Q: Does this allow me to show any third party ad provider’s ad content?

A: No. This is strictly for a user to select an image in their Media Library, show that ad on the frontend of their website.


Q: Can I show a video as an advert?

A: No. This is strictly for images to be shown on frontend.


Q: Why cannot I not delete an advertisement?

A: Any ad you do not want to be available to use on your website can be set to “frozen” status. This allows you to change the status to “published” at a later date, without having to re-create the entire advertisement over again. If you do not want to use the advertisement ever again, then set to “frozen” and forget about it.


Q: If I deactivate or uninstall the plugin, will my advertisement data be removed?

A: No. Your data will remain in the database, even after fully deleting the plugin itself.


Q: How do I show an advertisement without using a Widget?

A: You do not have to have a Widget enabled theme or location to show an advertisement. You can also manually copy the shortcode, and paste that wherever in your theme allows shortcode usage.


Q: Which “type” should I use for advertisements?

A: The “type” is more to be thought of as a category or group for your advertisement. Most ads are in similar categories, such as long rectangle advertisements called “landscape”, some are small square blocks, some are tall blocks. Use these as a guide when creating your advertisement, so you can easily know what type it is prior to editing.


Q: Can I create or edit the “types”?

A: No.


Q: Can I add extra utm tracking data to my links?

A: Yes. You could use an UTM URL Generator such as this, or create your own. Whatever full url you type into the input will be used as the link.


Q: My links are not working when I click the ad. What gives?

A: Make sure the url works. Copy the url you have saved in the Edit Advertisement screen, and paste it in a browser, to confirm you did not accidentally type the link incorrectly or that the link is expired for whatever reason.


Q: Where does my “title” show?

A: The “title” is used in the image’s alt text and link text, and can also be used as an internal identifier as you manage your advertisements.


Q: Will my advertisement data be backed up in normal site backup procedures?

A: Most normal automatic backup plugins or services provided by your host will include the advertisement data in their manual or automatic backups. This can easily be confirmed by your host or developer.


Q: My theme does not have any widgets. How can I create a widget to allow me to easily select my advertisement?

A: The WordPress theme you are using creates the widget areas for you. If you do not have any widget areas, you will need to have a web developer to update your theme to allow widgets where you want them on your site. Then, you can add the plugin’s widget as normal.


Help / Support / Suggestions

Do you have an issue that is not listed in the above FAQ, or need further assistance with the plugin? Do you have awesome ideas for future development roadmaps? Please fill out the form below, and EFS Networks will be in contact with you shortly.