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When you choose a web hosting company, you are placing the livelihood of your business in someone else’s hands. Even a simple issue can cause an immediate termination of your website’s ability to function, which in turn can cripple your business. You not only need an amazing hosting company, but you need someone to manage and leverage the tools available through that hosting company to solidify your business’s continued growth and success.

EFS offers hands-on, personalized management of your website using the industry-leading hosting infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Customer Service

No one likes being on hold and repeating their problem to multiple inexperienced call center employees without any specialized knowledge, in a sisyphean effort to resolve an issue that could be solved quickly and easily by someone educated in the field. This is all large conglomerates like GoDaddy can offer, and you end up just crossing your fingers that nothing ever goes wrong. If you have any experience with this model, you know that it works ok until you need to use it.

With EFS, you can make a call, even send a text or email, to get in direct contact with a highly-experienced web service manager that knows and cares about your business. Your concierge point-of-contact will be with you through the whole experience and deliver a solution to any issue, no matter how big or small.

Undertaking business in this way not only allows for quicker resolutions and less interruptions to your business’s operations, but it is a significantly less stressful endeavor than the alternative. Through every encounter, our business relationship with you will deepen, trust grows, and soon it is clearly evident that EFS is an integral business partner, intent on your prosperity.


Shared hosting accounts share the system resources (RAM, CPU, Storage etc.) of the server. Your website’s data is nestled in with a range of websites that may or may not be secure. Since there are literally thousands of other sites on the same server as your website, the chance that one of them will be compromised is far from negligible. When just one website is affected, the whole server can malfunction and thus every single site being hosted on that server will malfunction as well.

In fact, if you read reviews of GoDaddy (or any other shared hosting service) you will see that it is a frequent occurrence for people’s websites to be essentially held hostage: if the hosting provider thinks there is a corrupt file on your site, it is taken offline completely until the issue is resolved. This can cause your entire business to screech to an abrupt and distressing hault. Hosting providers like GoDaddy do not offer services to find or fix the corrupted files, so it is your responsibility to download the code and retain a developer to fix the issues. And if they’ve already locked your account, you may be charged a fee to get the information in order to pay someone to fix it. There is no guarantee that this won’t happen many, many times.

In a much higher echelon of service, AWS has Cloud Hosting, which is much more reliable than any other type of web hosting service. Even if one (or more than one) server in the cloud fails, there are hundreds of other servers within the cloud, so your website’s information will continue to be available on the web and your business will continue to run smoothly. That’s a big reason why AWS is capable of producing 100% uptime and GoDaddy and other shared hosting providers cannot.


AWS has luxury customization capability at a level that other hosting companies can’t offer and EFS knows how to utilize these AWS tools to optimize every aspect of your web experience. For example, with a VPS (Virtual Private Server), EFS can install the operating system of your choice and then install almost any software compatible with that operating system. With this tool, EFS can easily create and configure all aspects of that full computer setup.

There are innumerable customization tools EFS can initiate through AWS, including:

Amazon Relational Database Service (or Amazon RDS)
A cloud web service which automatically manages administration processes, like patching the database software, backing up databases and enabling point-in-time recovery. Scaling storage and compute resources can be performed by a single API.

Route 53: A very advanced, AWS-specific DNS service that redirects traffic to multiple servers based on load, latency or country.

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

This service distributes content spatially relative to end-users, to provide high availability and high performance.

This is just a glimpse into the value EFS can provide to you through AWS. If you have a robust web presence or your business is growing and you need to scale, EFS can integrate these essential options to ensure that your business blossoms into streamlined processes and doesn’t blow up under pressure.





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