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What is Search Engine Marketing? If you’ve never heard the term, “search engine marketing” (SEM) before, here’s a good way to think about it: You’ve probably driven on a highway more than once in your life and noticed those billboards promoting restaurants, exterminators, an event at a local venue, etc.

Now think of a search engine like Google as that highway and the advertisements you see after a search result as those billboards. At EFS Networks, we get your “billboards” get on the right “highway.”

Why Choose EFS to Help with your SEM Strategy? Successful advertising has always been about connecting with people where they are. In our world, everyone’s on Google, but going to different places based on what they’re looking for, SEM places advertisers at those ultimate destinations. Effective SEM, like the services provided by EFS Networks, helps you:

  • Generate new leads
  • Sell products
  • Build their brand
  • Divert traffic from their competitors


EFS understands effective strategies and methods for gaining visibility for your business on search engines when users search for relatable terms. Instead of counting on the good luck that your business will rank near the top of the first results page (or on the first page at all), we ensure that your organization’s name and link to the appropriate page are placed prominently.

When you work with EFS for SEM needs, you’ll work with a dedicated team who will help you:

  • create an effective search strategy based on short- and long-term goals;
  • generate keywords that potential customers use when searching for goods or services like those provided by your business;
  • and generate inbound links that help your website rank high in organic searches


Don’t get lost in the crowded world of SEM. Contact EFS today and let’s work together to make sure your business gets the search-engine exposure you need to reach the right customers, increase sales, and grow your business

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